What to think about when buying a used car

When buying a used car, there is much more to think about than just the make, model, colour. Factors such as the general condition, mileage and even where you are buying it from will come into play.

Car condition

The appearance of a used car can tell you a lot about how it’s been driven. Buying a car with a few scrapes and scratches could save you money, however, it is important to take a closer look and think about whether or not this is a sign of the previous owner being careless and causing hidden wear and tear elsewhere.Look at the mileage on the car, but don’t base your purchase solely on this. If things like the brakes and clutch have recently been replaced, a car with a higher mileage could be a better option than a car lower mileage car that will need new parts in the near future.

Choosing where to buy a used car from

When buying a used car through a private seller, make sure you get to meet the person who has been actually driving the car. Speaking to them will allow you to get a feeling for whether they are the sort of person who has taken care of the car, in terms of both their driving style, and servicing any problems promptly.Similar cars can be priced very differently from one dealership to another. It is important take into consideration what is included, for example, some dealerships will include a longer warranty than others. Before committing to a purchase, speak to friends and family, or look on line for reviews, to try and get a feeling for how helpful and honest they are.Once you have found a used car that looks good, the most important thing you can do before committing to a purchase is take it out for a test drive. Make sure that you get to do some of the driving yourself, looking out for anything that just doesn’t feel right, for example, unusual vibrations, sounds or smells.