Stop Smoking and Use Snus Instead

Snus is the moist tobacco consumed as an alternative to directly smoking cigarettes. Many manufacturers have improved snus to include some nice flavours like menthol and strawberry. This improves its taste, which makes it easier to use and an attractive alternative to cigarettes. In addition to this, the tobacco smell from someone’s mouth or breath can sometimes prove to be irritating.

Smoking in the Car

Let’s be honest, there is a degree of thrill and satisfaction that comes when a smoker takes that long puff of a cigarette. Non-smokers might not understand it, but there is some ecstasy that comes with it. It also looks very cool to some people. The movies have also advanced this idea of cigarette smoking as being cool, very successfully. Apart from the health dangers of smoking, cigarette smoke can also be very annoying.Whenever you burn plant material, it tends to cling to fabrics and materials around it. It can also cling to human skin like your fingers and change your breath. When this smell gets into your car, it can be very difficult to get rid of, even with some of the strongest fragrances around. Some traces will often still linger over a long period of time.

Snus as an Alternative

Snus is said to be of high quality and has a rich taste. The method of consumption of Snus is through the mouth by placing a scoop on the upper or lower lip. Unless someone knows what you are doing, it is hard to tell. The fact that you do not burn plant material directly makes it the best alternative to smoking in your car. In addition, there are some flavoured snus that helps improve its aroma.Depending on the brand, Snus comes in a ready to use package. It is easy to use and users do not have to spit it out once the flavour has gone.