Connected World Provides Entertainment Wherever You Are

These days we want to stay connected wherever we are, whether that’s at home, in the car or on public transport. Thankfully, the latest technology puts the online world at your fingertips with Wi-Fi coverage on offer just about anywhere you could want it.

Online Games

This unprecedented access to the Internet allows you to enjoy your favourite online games, social networks and gambling sites wherever you go. If you are riding the bus or travelling as a passenger in a car, you can get online and play poker. Test your poker skills while commuting to work or travelling with friends. The huge choice of online games means you can play a variety of poker games and bet at different levels. Check out all the guides on offer that will teach you all the rules and strategies of the games you want to play; whether it’s Texas Hold’em or Three Card Stud. The many modes of public transport now offer free Wi-Fi, so if you are in a taxi you don’t need to leave your poker game. The latest Car-Fi technology allows you to create your very own Wi-Fi hotspot in your car, keeping everyone connected and entertained on every journey.

Poker Any Time Any Place

Fans of playing poker online like to be able to access their favourite poker sites and tournaments whenever they feel like it; with Wi-Fi in your car, on public transport and in a huge number of public spaces, you are never disconnected from the game. You are never alone when you have your mobile device with you; you can sit down at a poker table or check on your social networks from any location. The connected world puts the Internet in your hands wherever you go, whether that’s in your own vehicle or in a taxi.