Car-fi – staying connected on the move

In recent years, technology has seen a massive leap forward. Mobile device technology has reached new heights, with the capability to connect to a wireless network almost anywhere. They also have the ability to create their own hotspot, so that people can take their own connectivity around with them. Even more recently, there has been an improvement in the technology within our cars. In the last few years, smart houses have been created, linking directly to our phones, and now cars are following suit. A few years ago, a number of big car manufacturers developed a new in-car system that allows mobile devices to be connected to the car. In fact, the car itself generates the Wi-Fi hotspot that can then be used by the devices in the car. Such is the technology, that this software is capable of providing 4G connectivity for up to ten separate devices. To use it, the Car-fi is simply plugged into the DC port found in almost any car. There does need to be an active SIM card for it to be able to use the service, and it can offer up to 150mbps.

Having this on-the-move connectivity helps people to remain connected, even when getting from one place to another. Passengers have a variety of options open to them – watching TV, using social media or even playing a couple of hands of online poker. Of course, there are some safety aspects in place here, as it is not legal for the driver to be using his or her device whilst operating the car. Handsfree options are available, and should be implemented by the driver at all times.

With on-the-go connectivity, it is hard to remain offline any more. Car-fi provides a revolutionary way to allow the entire family internet access whilst travelling anywhere, and at any time.